Wholesale trading
in petroleum products

▪ BMI&E, in association with its subsidiary Malunga Energy (Pty) Ltd, will continue to trade in petroleum products via the companies trading accounts, establishing itself as a wholesaler of petroleum products.
▪ The company will continue to build strategic partnerships to distribute these products by offering its import/export capacity and access to multi modal logistics in the distribution of petroleum products

Import/Export of specialized
petroleum products

▪ BMI&E will continue with the exporting of specialised petroleum products on behalf of selected clients into the SADC region.
▪ Export by road will be supplemented by making use of access to Transnet Freight Rail.
▪ All products imported and exported will be imported based on a pre-agreed fixed profit margin with BMI&E assuming no payment or forex risk. All payment in South African Rand.

▪ BMI&E’s, in association with its subsidiary Malunga Import & Export, will continue with marketing its import and export capacity, with the intention to include the import and export of diesel and coal between countries in the SADC region.